Project :
Social Movements in the Aftermath of the Arab Uprisings From Marginalization to Participation?
Partner(s) :
The American University of Cairo
Program(s) :
Research, Advocacy
Pillar(s) :
Equality and Justice

Social Movements in the Aftermath of the Arab Uprisings From Marginalization to Participation?


This project will be conducted in two Arab states: Egypt and Jordan. The first a republic, witnessed mass uprisings in 2011 with a resultant regime breakdown and the downfall of the longstanding Mubarak.  After these events, social movements have not seized to exist, on the contrary they have flourished and increased in number and scope. The second, a monarchy, has witnessed widespread demonstrations with no regime breakdown.  The number and scope of social movements therein has also increased since the 2011 events. 

This qualitative study aimed at obtaining a broader understanding of the activities of several movements related to human rights, politics, civil matters, youth, trade unions, labor, environment and others that emerged since 2011. Individaul interviews will be conducted with activists in social movements to understand the social movements’ objectives and demands, the types of formal and informal structures they regulate, the impact of the legal environment on them, as well as the cooperation and communication with policy makers and the government, in addition to the obstacles and challenges each movement faced. The importance of the study lies in strengthening active citizenship and bridging the gap between social movements and related governmental institutions through qualitative studies and policy papers.

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