Project :
Share-Net International, the Knowledge Platform for SRHR and HIV
Partner(s) :
Higher Population Council, Share-Net International, Institute of Family Health – Nour Al Hussein Foundation (IFH)
Program(s) :
Pillar(s) :
Civil Society Empowerment

Share-Net International, the Knowledge Platform for SRHR and HIV


Jordan was selected in June 2014 as the third focus country to establish a knowledge platform for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and HIV.  The original platform was launched in the Netherlands in September 2013, and is known today as Share-Net International.  The Platform in Jordan will stimulate the sharing of existing knowledge among platform participants, and hence the generation of new knowledge to address prioritized research gaps, as well as contributing to the development of new knowledge for appropriate audiences.  The Platform’s focus is to strengthen the role knowledge can play in developing evidence-based policies and practices and ensuring that resources are used strategically.


IRCKHF is looking to identify the thematic areas and knowledge gaps that need to be strengthened, in addition to identifying the organizations, networks and policy context through a stakeholder analysis.  The project ended in  August 2015.

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