Project :
Reversing the Gender Bias against Jordanian Women Married to Foreigners
Partner(s) :
European Commission (EC)
Program(s) :
Research, Education and Awareness, Access to Information
Pillar(s) :
Equality and Justice, Social Cohesion

Reversing the Gender Bias against Jordanian Women Married to Foreigners


With the sponsorship of the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), the Information and Research Center – King Hussein Foundation (IRCKHF) carried out a project entitled: "Reversing the Gender Bias against Jordanian Women Married to Foreigners". As a part of the project, a study was conducted to assess the current situation of Jordanian Women Married to Non Jordanians (JWMNJ) and to measure the impact of Jordan’s policy of denying automatic residency permits and access to basic civil rights of the foreign husbands of Jordanian women and their children. The project advocated for the creation of a category in Jordanian law that would provide these families with long term (leading to permanent) residency permits and the access to social welfare benefits, as well as the right to employment, property and conducting business. The overall objective of this project was to reverse the gender bias against Jordanian women married to foreign. 

Project Outputs

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