Project :
Patterns of Violence in Greater Amman and Zarqa
Partner(s) :
Dignity - Danish Institute Against Torture
Program(s) :
Pillar(s) :
Social Cohesion, Equality and Justice

Patterns of Violence in Greater Amman and Zarqa


In 2011, the Information and Research Center - King Hussein Foundation (IRCKHF) and DIGNITY - Danish Institute Against Torture, undertook a qualitative and quantitative study on patterns of violence in Greater Amman and Zarqa. Through a series of focus groups and in depth interviews, the qualitative study aimed to explore forms and perceptions of violence as they exist in Jordan with the objective of constructing a scientifically and culturally valid research tool with which to conduct a quantitative survey of violence in Greater Amman and Zarqa. The objectives of the project were to provide knowledge about violence, patterns of violence and the impact of violence to the Institute for Family Health - Noor Hussein Foundation (IFH) ,  DIGNITY and other stakeholders, in order to assess the needs for trauma treatment and support and guide the future work of IFH and DIGNITY, and to suggest interventions to prevent violence.

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