Project :
National Youth Survey in Jordan
Partner(s) :
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
Program(s) :
Research, Education and Awareness
Pillar(s) :
Civil Society Empowerment, Social Cohesion

National Youth Survey in Jordan

The objective of the National Youth Survey is to identify and update data on the status of Jordanian youth (aged 10-24) by assessing their situation, priorities, and aspirations. The survey’s results were intended to support the upcoming Jordanian National Youth Strategy by complementing the study of the Higher Council of Youth. Together with the Technical Committee, the Information and Research Center King Hussein Foundation (IRCKHF) designed a survey questionnaire that covered the following themes: Education, Employment, Health, Time Usage, Civil and Political Engagement, Access to Information and Technology;  Social Relationships; Self-Perception; Immigration and Migration. In addition, the IRCKHF conducted  focus group discussions with male and female Jordanian youth as well as orphans, people with disabilities, children of Jordanian mothers and non-Jordanian fathers and refugees in Palestinian camps. 
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