Project :
Gendering the Jordanian Parliament Research Center
Partner(s) :
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Jordanian Parliament Research Center (JPRC)
Program(s) :
Research, Education and Awareness, Advocacy, Access to Information
Pillar(s) :
Equality and Justice

Gendering the Jordanian Parliament Research Center


Through this project, IRCKHF is introducing the multi-layered mainstreaming approach to ensure the advancement of a gender balanced Jordan.  The first layer of the process is working with the JPRC that is commencing to provide an essential service for Jordanian MPs.  The project’s overall goal is to enhance the gender balance in Jordan by incorporating the position of women in the policy making process through gender mainstreaming the Jordanian Parliament’s Research Center, that aims to provide MPs with independent, empirical evidence and representative information and background on legislations and policies in Jordan. 


The goal can be achieved through three main objectives and outcomes.  In developing the program, the IRCKHF took into account two main potential obstacles. The first is the risk of gender mainstreaming being interpreted as a women’s issue, as opposed to interpreting gender mainstreaming as a tool to bridge disparities between men and women to advance development. While the second is the realization that women’s voices may be underrepresented, as a result of particular cultural hindrances that may have prevented women from actively participating in their own development. Thus, the project’s design will be aimed at mitigating the two aforementioned obstacles.

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