Project :
Evaluation of the project "Every Step Makes a Difference"
Partner(s) :
National Center for Culture and Arts - King Hussein Foundation
Program(s) :
Pillar(s) :
Civil Society Empowerment

Evaluation of the project "Every Step Makes a Difference"


The Information and Research center –King Hussein Foundation conducted the final evaluation of the project "Every Step Makes a Difference" with the implementation of the National Center for Culture and Arts in partnership with UNICEF and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. This project represented a national initiative to attract and develop youth potential from the 13-17 years old age group and promote good citizenship, community participation, stimulate voluntary work,  promote positive behaviors, and develop the spirit of giving and belonging and responsibility, in addition to the development of communication skills in an innovative and creative manner.

This project was carried out in selected schools in the Kingdom in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, where the initiative was circulated among the departments of the Ministry of Education, to provide ideas for pioneering projects under the supervision of a group of teachers in schools of the Kingdom.

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