Project :
Empowerment of Young Women in the Workforce
Partner(s) :
National Center for Culture and Arts - King Hussein Foundation
Program(s) :
Research, Education and Awareness
Pillar(s) :
Civil Society Empowerment, Social Cohesion

Empowerment of Young Women in the Workforce


The Information and Research Center – King Hussein Foundation (IRCFKHF) conducted a baseline survey to measure the awareness of students and community members and addressed social issues and dilemmas facing young women as they entered the workforce. Based on the finding and the outcomes of the baseline survey, the National center for culture and arts – King Hussein Foundation (NCCA) will design an interactive play and conduct workshops. An evaluation survey will be conducted at the competition of each stage of the project to measure increased awareness in target areas. The NCCA will utilize the information resulting from the evaluation survey to address and modify the project’s outputs accordingly.

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