Project :
Coalition: My Nationality is the Right of my Family
Program(s) :
Advocacy, Education and Awareness
Pillar(s) :
Civil Society Empowerment, Equality and Justice, Social Cohesion

Coalition: My Nationality is the Right of my Family


This project was built upon the findings from the IRCKHF's 2-year EC-funded project, "Reversing the Gender Bias Against Women Married to Foreigners" and succeeded in completing a model advocacy project. The IRCKHF built the first civil society coalition consisting of both organizations and individuals. The objective of the project advocated for the amendment of the Constitution to affirm gender equality in Jordan, through creating a platform for the building of a coalition. The IRCKHF succeeded in creating a media campaign and meeting with Members of Parliament and providing them with research findings from its past project, as well as producing its first policy brief, therefore directly disseminating information to policy makers. Since the conclusion of the project, the coalition has been handed over to its 30 members who have selected a Steering Committee consisting of 4 individuals and 3 organizations (of which the IRCKHF is one) to continue advocating and raising awareness for this issue.

Project Outputs

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