Project :
Barriers and Enablers of Women’s Leadership in Jordan’s Health Sector
Partner(s) :
Human Resources for Health (HRH) 2030
Program(s) :
Pillar(s) :
Equality and Justice

Barriers and Enablers of Women’s Leadership in Jordan’s Health Sector


The Human Resources for Health 2030 recently launched a national study to explore the barriers and enablers of women’s career progression to management positions in Jordan’s health sector. The research results will inform national human resources for health (HRH) policy and the development of strategies to strengthen women’s leadership in Jordan’s health sector.
The HRH2030 team will conduct the research nationally, targeting urban and rural areas covering Jordan’s north, middle, and south regions. The mixed-methods survey samples will include women and men working at the Ministry of Health, university hospitals, councils, and within the private sector to understand the differences and similarities in experiences across the health sector. Female and male health care providers, including physicians, registered nurses and midwives, pharmacists, and facility managers within the public and private sectors, will engage in interviews as part of the research.
HRH2030 will leverage the expertise of two local researchers, Professor Yousef Khader of the Jordan University of Science and Technology and Dr. Aida Essaid, director of the Information and Research Center at the King Hussein Foundation. HRH2030 will work with national stakeholders to develop practical recommendations to gender equity challenges and integrate those into the country’s national HRH strategy.

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