Project :
Assessment of Patriarchy in Jordan
Partner(s) :
Jordanian National Commission for Women
Program(s) :
Pillar(s) :
Equality and Justice

Assessment of Patriarchy in Jordan


This assessment of patriarchy in Jordan aims to understand social attitudes and define their behavior. To do so, IRCKHF will use qualitative and desk research to examine patriarchy from the perspective of key stakeholders, assess how it is embedded in legislation and its effects over women, families, communities, and overall society using both existing research and qualitative research. 
Additionally, the desk research will include reviewing existing national strategies such as the Human Rights Strategy and assessing their implementation and impact of gender equality and women’s empowerment. The outcomes of the desk research will also provide inputs to the efforts of developing national strategies including the National Women’s Strategy for the upcoming 5 years that is led by JNCW.
By doing so, a better understanding will be gained of how and why patriarchy has been translated into policy and legislative frameworks, and hence becoming a social norm in Jordan. By understanding the origins, practices, and hierarchies of gender discrimination, and using a human rights-based approach, the research will be used to provide evidence-based policy recommendations to improve gender equality, and more specifically, be a source of information for national entities.

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