Sisterhood is Global Institute - Jordan (SIGI)

To increase advocacy for women’s rights and enable women to enjoy, defend and protect these rights and ensure their recognition.

SIGI’s Vision for women and girls to be empowered, participants equally in achieving sustained, inclusive and sustainable development at all levels and in building democratic societies governed by dignity, freedom, social justice, equal opportunities and respect for diversity in a state of rights, freedoms, and citizenship.


To empower women and enhance their participation in different spheres.
To increase awareness on women rights and young girls.
To contribute to the national, Arab, regional and international efforts to improve women position and their rights.
To improve protection services needed to protect women rights on both levels national and regional.
Institutional capacity building for SIGI and other operating civil societies local and region.
To achieve financial and programs sustainability.

Empowering Civil Society through Community Media: Monitoring 7 media sources