Community Media Network

Community Media Network established in 2007 is an independent media NGO seeking to serve the Jordanian community through an enlightening discourse.  CMN has a Board of Directors that supervises the radio and website. The current members of the board are Elias Farkouh as chairman, Mahmoud Zawawi, as members. Early in January 2008, the name of AmmanNet radio was changed to Al-Balad radio; remained as a news website. The radio and the site are managed by the Community Media Network (CMN), which is a not-for profit organization, registered in March 19th, 2007 under number (156) with the goal to manage media and cultural projects throughout the Kingdom.

Vision:  To be the most influential media with the aim of helping create a more democratic society.

Mission:  Our mission is to encourage dialogue, to educate the public, to help in the decision making process, and to empower the marginalized groups by giving them space to express themselves.

AmmanNet leading independent news website in Jordan

Radio Al-Balad …The First Jordanian Community Radio

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