Information and Research Center - King Hussein Foundation

1996 - 2016  |  Launched in 1996 as part of the National Task Force for Children
The Information and Research Center – King Hussein Foundation (IRCKHF) serves as a catalyst for socio-economic transformation through research, information and dissemination of knowledge. The IRCKHF was initially launched in 1996 as part of the National Task Force for Children. Today, the IRCKHF promotes the welfare of children, youth, women, families, communities, and vulnerable groups by providing objective, multidisciplinary research and analysis to practitioners and policymakers in Jordan and the Middle East, enabling effective socio-economic planning and decision-making.
Through cooperation with national and international partners and the creation of an online platform for knowledge sharing, the IRCKHF advocates for positive change by disseminating research findings on critical issues falling under the pillars of social cohesion, equality and justice, and civil society empowerment.  The IRCKHF provides access to information using quality research, education and awareness, and advocacy.

VISION A leading applied research establishment in Jordan and the region for effective socio-economic planning and decision making.

MISSION Conduct and disseminate multidisciplinary applied research and analysis for practitioners, policy makers and advocates to improve the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities through effective socio-economic planning and decision-making.

More on IRCKHF through the video titled: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Policy.

Strategic Objectives 

  • Conduct and disseminate  international standard quality multidisciplinary research in Arabic and other languages
  • Promote international research quality standards and ethics
  • Build an information hub on socio-economic research
  • Share knowledge and network with national and international institutions to promote positive change
  • Transfer knowledge enhancement skills to individuals, communities, and institutions
  • Utilize new media for knowledge sharing, creation and advocacy
  • Training as a continuous process of internal capacity building and a service to external stakeholders

Our Pillars

What the information is about. Our pillars are three: Equality and Justice, Social Cohesion and Civil Society Empowerment...

Our Programs

Everything the IRCKHF does begins with research. Research feeds into all our other information programs, however research is also dependent on our access to information...

King Hussein Foundation

The IRCKHF is one of the seven institutions of the King Hussein Foundation (KHF). King Hussein was dedicated to applying the principles of democracy, justice and peace...