Universal Children's Day in Jordan: Continuing His Late Majesty's Legacy

Protecting child rights in Jordan dates back to its establishment as a country, and more specifically during the time of His Majesty the late King Hussein of Jordan.  Jordan established its first care center, known as Al-Hussein Social Center, in 1953 – less than one year after His late Majesty’s inauguration.  “By the end of the 1980s, Jordan had achieved human development advances that were recognized by UNICEF and other agencies worldwide as exemplary in the developing world in areas such as nutrition, school enrollment and girl’s education…” according to Her Majesty Queen Noor in her book Leap of Faith.   The working group report of the 2009 Universal Periodic Review of Jordan states “the United Arab Emirates noted Jordan’s increasing intention to the promotion of children’s rights at legislative and institutional levels, the accession to CRC and its optional protocols, the establishment of institutions and a national plan of action... ” , while Brazil also noted the National Coalition for Children and the Plan of Action for Children as two important achievements for Jordan by the National Task Force for Children (NTFC).  The NTFC and its Research and Database Unit (RDU), known today as the Information and Research Center – King Hussein Foundation (IRCKHF), was established by the late King Hussein and chaired by Queen Noor to emphasize the country’s commitment to child rights.  But where are Jordan and children's rights heading to today?


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