Kinship Care for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

In partnership with Save the Children, we are working on a project on Kinship Care for Syrian refugees in Jordan. Kinship care is "family-based care within the child's extended family...whether formal or informal in nature" according to United Nations Guidelines for Alternative Care.
Kinship care is a common form of alternative care in Jordan & the Arab region. In Jordan, extended family links are strong, and caring for childrenof relatives has traditionally been considered a common practice. Informal kinship care is defined as a "private arrangement whereby the child is looked after on an ongoing basis by relatives or friends."
Our project uses peer research as it is a more inclusive approach that allows Syrian refugee children & caregivers to become the researchers, the pictures below are from the training. In the next phase, they will be the ones conducting the research with other children and caregivers of kinship care.
Others helping include UNHCR, Jordan River Foundation (JRF), and the International Rescue Committee.